Buckhannon Fire Department celebrates new fire truck

BUCKHANNONBuckhannon Fire Department staff, City Council members and members of the community came together Thursday to celebrate a new custom-built fire truck. Engine 11 was ceremoniously pushed into the station by Buckhannon Fire Department staff. The engine officially began its service to the community on Friday, February 18.

Buckhannon Fire Department Chaplain Brian Potter prayed over the engine, along with the men and women who staff the department. Additionally, Potter prayed, “Allow us to be a light on the darkest days for the folks within our city and county that we serve.”

Buckhannon Fire Chief JB Kimble said, “This truck is an investment for our community. It will serve our community for over 20 years. We’re here to protect this community.” Captain Linn Baxa led the committee for the new custom-built truck that values over $540,000. Baxa said, “This was a long process that began the end of 2019, beginning of 2020. We got rid of two apparatus to allow for this. This investment is for the community.” It was also noted that new equipment for the truck cost an estimated $120,000.

In addition, Captain Brian Elmore explained that the custom-built apparatus is set up for motor vehicle accidents on the right and for fires on the left. This will allow timely and easier access during emergency events. Engine 11 will be the first truck out of Buckhannon Fire Department reporting to emergency situations.


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