One on one: Dylan Major

BUCKHANNON — Welcome to the first article in the new series “one on one.” This series of articles will go in depth with different people around Upshur County, allowing everyone a moment to shine. For the first of this installment The Record Delta sat down with West Virginia Wesleyan College student Dylan Major to discuss what it is like to be interning with the Buckhannon Police Department.

Major is currently a senior at West Virginia Wesleyan College. He noted he is currently in his second semester and has been studying Criminal Justice as his major with Psychology as a minor. Major, who is originally from Fredericksburg, Virginia, stated that he already has plans to join the Buckhannon Police Department and settle in Buckhannon for the time being.

Major started his internship in January 2022. “I have learned a lot in the past couple months. Everything from learning how to respond to certain calls and filling out paperwork correctly. Overall, it has been a great experience so far and I’ve already applied for a job here and would like to work here,” Major shared.

“Something that I tell other people who are considering this type of work is to just be open-minded. Don’t be biased. I myself wasn’t sure I’d want to do police work but honestly over the past couple months I have really fell in love with it especially here in Buckhannon. I feel very comfortable here and feel ready to make this my home. I mean I don’t know what the future holds and things can change but as of now this will be my home for however long,” said Major. “I don’t know what it’s like in other places but something that I have learned in Buckhannon is that not all police officers are the same. Everyone approaches situations differently and they have different personalities. However, I know here that everyone is very education oriented. Chief Gregory has also been very helpful.”

Additionally, Major offered some words of encouragement for those considering entering the police force. “Never be afraid to do something outside of your comfort zone because you never know where you’ll end up,” Major said. “Overall, I have enjoyed every minute of it. Something I was told while growing up was, ‘If something feels like a job, you’ll probably not really want to do it. But if it doesn’t feel like a job, you just enjoy it and you go with it.’ If I can get up every day and just enjoy what I’m doing, that is good for me.”


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