Policy 8006 causes frustration at BOE meeting

BUCKHANNON — Quite the stir occurred over policy discussions at the Tuesday evening Board of Education meeting, following announcement of a recent donation and talk of funding.

The Upshur County Schools Transportation Department has received a grant from Weyerhaeuser and the Foundation for Better Schools to purchase “Buster the Bus.” 

“Buster” is a miniature, remote controlled, three-foot-tall cartoonish replica of a full-size yellow school bus, which is equipped with a working stop sign, crossing gate, and flashing red lights.

“Buster” makes learning bus safety fun and will reportedly give students the opportunity to learn through an interactive experience. Bus drivers will model lessons alongside of “Buster” to share the following safety lessons: how to cross safely, staying out of the “Danger Zone”, riding the bus safely, how to safely wait for the bus, how to cross in front of the bus, how to climb the steps, how to ride school busses to and from school, and how to evacuate the school bus.

“Buster” gives students a chance to see and think about school bus safety in a different light. Upshur County Schools Transportation Department is committed to providing education to students regarding bus safety.

Director of Curriculum and Maintenance, Tim Derico, discussed issues with the groundskeeping or the lack thereof. “There is poison ivy growing through the fence and it needs resolved now,” said BOE member Patrick Long. Derico vowed to handle the situation as promptly as possible.

A formal invitation was extended by Joe Hymes to attend the Upshur County Youth Livestock Show August 5-7 to support local agriculture students. The Agriculture Livestock Judging Team reportedly won first place and the team reportedly contained three of the top five students in the entire contest.

Hymes and Allyson Lewis, who are both advisors for the Buckhannon-Upshur High School agriculture department, spoke to BOE members about Policy 8006 regarding Salary Schedules and other compensations.

“I feel like there are clubs that are missing, and the money could be better dispersed,” Lewis expressed. Buckhannon-Upshur Middle School Athletic Director Deborah Shapiro also spoke in agreement with the agriculture teachers. “These clubs and sports leaders are putting in over a hundred days and there needs to be a change to the policy before it is voted upon,” said Shapiro. A motion was made by Long that Policy 8006 would pass; however, with upsets, the motion was not seconded, and the policy was tabled until the next board meeting.

Those who wish to speak on Policy 8006 will be given the opportunity to do so by mass email. The policy will be amended and potentially passed at the next Board of Education meeting that will be held on Tuesday, August 10, 2021, at 7 p.m. in the B-UHS auditorium. Watch for future editions of The Record Delta for updates on policies and changes made.


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