Strawberry Mile sees new record time

BUCKHANNON — The West Virginia Strawberry Festival hosted their annual Strawberry Mile on Saturday, May 21, 2022 at noon, beginning at Buckhannon Academy and concluding with an awards ceremony at The Bicentennial pavilion.

The top three overall for males were placed: 1st Jordan Gillum, 2nd Jack Waggy and 3rd Reis Leonard (all of Buckhannon-Upshur High School).

The top three overall females were placed: 1st Jessica Williams, 2nd Mia Sappey and 3rd Allison Andrew.

The contestants expressed how much fun it was to run and participate in the Strawberry Mile, even though it was very hot outside. Jordan Gillum not only won first overall, but also first in the boy’s age group 16 to 19. Gillum also broke the Strawberry Mile record with an outstanding run time of 4:39.04. Jack Waggy followed closely behind with a 4:40.45 run time.

Congratulations to all the participants and winners as follows:

Girls 6 and under: 1st place Claire McCune and 2nd place Maddie Garner

Boys 6 and under: 1st place Joseph Stickell and 2nd place Gannon Stump

Girls 7 to 9: 1st place Kiya Gillum, 2nd place Berkeley Jeran and 3rd place Macy Collett

Boys 7 to 9: 1st place Kyler Baisden, 2nd place Isaac Hoover and 3rd place Levi Hoover

Girls 10 to 12: 1st place Natalie Garrett, 2nd place Payton Brown and 3rd place Ella Whitehair

Boys 10 to 12: 1st place Kenton Stump, 2nd place Briston Hyre and 3rd place Koby Jeran

Girls 13 to 15: 1st place Anya Morehead, 2nd place Elizabeth Collins and place 3rd Harlee Gillum

Boys 13 to 15: 1st place Camden Carpenter, 2nd place Owen Chandler and 3rd place Brandon Landis

Girls 16 to 19: 1st place Jessica Williams, 2nd place Mia Sappey and 3rd place McKenzie Reynolds

Women 20 to 29: 1st Iris Kolenich, 2nd Sarah Nolte and 3rd Lindsay Woody

Men 20 to 29: 1st Ethan Hull, 2nd Will Evans and 3rd Chandler Trivolette

Women 30 to 39: 1st Candice Rogue, 2nd Natasha Wamsley and 3rd Courtney Koblank

Men 30 to 39: 1st Keefe Fiser, 2nd Mitch Roessing, and 3rd John Megimose

Women 40 to 49: 1st Sabrina Loudin, 2nd Amy Hackett and 3rd Megan Bacorn

Men 40 to 49: 1st Charlie Kirkpatrick, 2nd William Garrett and 3rd Andrew Collins

Women 50 to 59: 1st Krista Lewellyn

Men 50 to 59: 1st James Walker and 2nd Larry Lantz

Women 60 and up: 1st Deborah Thompson and 2nd Donna Overkamp

Men 60 and up: 1st Dale P. Bennett and 2nd Robert Cole


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