UCHAA participates in B-UMS Archery Tournament

The Upshur County Homeschool Archery Association team huddle before the tournament on Saturday, March 5. PHOTO SUBMITTED

BUCKHANNON — The Upshur County Homeschool Archery Association just recently participated in the Buckhannon-Upshur Middle School Archery Tournament on March 5, 2022.

The high school team took fourth place scoring a 3243. For the boys: Clay Tenney took first-place scoring 291 with 24 tens. For the girls: Danielle Shaw took third-place scoring 288 with 19 tens, Hannah Stevenson took fifth-place scoring 284 with 17 tens, Abilene Supers took sixth-place scoring 284 with 17 tens.

The middle school team took second-place scoring 3133. For the boys: Jeremy McDonald took fifth-place scoring 273 with 15 tens, Lincoln Small took sixth-place scoring 273 with 9 tens, Seth Karnes took tenth-place scoring 271 with 11 tens. For the girls: Layla Wooten took fourth-place scoring 271 with 11 tens, Mya Workman took sixth-place scoring 267 with 7 tens.

Elementary school boys: Caleb Servetas took first-place scoring 262 with 13 tens, Levi Ogden took seventh-place scoring 232 with 3 tens, Malachi Layfield took ninth-place scoring 227 with 2 tens, Asa Karnes took tenth-place scoring 219 with 2 tens.

Some archers from another participating county questioned why the UCHAA team was collecting so many accomplishments in the tournament and the answer simply comes by the fact that the team puts in so much hard, quality work and practice. The UCHAA team also congratulates their fellow archers from the Upshur County Public School teams on their achievements in the tournament and thanks them for hosting the event. Here are the overall results for UCHAA:

Archer name, score out of 300 possible points:

Clay Tenney, 291

Danielle Shaw, 288

Hannah Stevenson, 284

Abilene Supers, 284

Dawson James, 275

Samuel Poddey, 275

Jeremy McDonald, 273

Lincoln Small, 273

Clayton Wooten, 271

Josiah Layfield, 271

Layla Wooten, 271

Seth Karnes, 271

Alyssa Lewis, 267

Mya Workman, 267

Caleb Servetas, 262

Bethany James, 261

Charlie Supers, 259

Sarah Karnes, 257

Sophia Aegan, 254

Lacy Tenney, 250

Sawyer McCauley, 250

Hannah Ogden, 245

Michael Grall, 245

Tyler Deitz, 234

Hunter Bingaman, 232

Levi Ogden, 232

Izabella Pettit, 227

Malachi Layfield, 227

Alyssa Workman, 226

Gracie Pettit, 220

Asa Karnes, 219

Bridget Supers, 207

Wyatt McCauley, 205

Iris Dean, 198

Harley DeLawder, 196

Josie Supers, 177

The team travels to Roane County on March 12, 2022 for their next competition.


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