Upshur’s 8U softball team earns title as 2021 Fall Ball Champions

2021 Fall Ball Champions. Front row, from left to right: Maci Snyder, Oakley Moriarty, Aurora Moots, and Naomi Hibbs. Back row, from left to right: Assistant Coach Neal Phillips, Head Coach Sarah Kesling, Henley Tiffner, Isabel Lewis, Sofia Kesling, Reagan Russell, Eva Phillips, Harper Smith, Kara Hildreth, and Assistant Coach Josh Smith. Photo by MaKyna Kancso/The Record Delta

BUTCHERSVILLE — Luby Equipment’s 8U Upshur County Youth Softball team earned the title of 2021 Fall Ball Champions at Sunday’s tournament held at the Lewis Baseball Complex. Their first game on Oct. 17 was against the Lewis County Yetis—Upshur County’s biggest rival. The Yetis had won every game against Upshur County this season—until now!

Coach Sarah Kesling said, “This has been the most dedicated group of girls and they came ready to play today!”

In the first inning, Eva Phillips and Kara Hildreth hit doubles, giving the game an exciting start. Sofia Kesling, Oakley Moriarty, Isabel Lewis, and Maci Snyder contributed with singles in the second inning. 

The Yetis gained the lead after the second inning, but Naomi Hibbs hit a double in the third inning to regain the lead for Upshur County. Throughout the fourth inning, both teams jumped back and forth for the lead. Upshur County had the bases loaded in the top of the fifth inning, then Sofia Kesling caught the ball in the outfield for the Yetis third out, securing the win against their biggest rival with a score of 18-15. The girls advanced to the Championship game against the other winning team, the Bridgeport Wolf Pack.

“We hit significantly better than our opponents today and had pretty good defense overall,” noted Coach Kesling.

Upshur County went into the Championship game confident and ready to take home the trophy. The first and second innings were close as the Bridgeport Wolf Pack played well on defense. Reagan Russell was able to hit a double in the fourth inning, helping the team send some players home. The girls came up on their defense skills in the last inning and came out on top with the big win of 21-14. 

Throughout most of the game, Upshur County kept the bases loaded and had few outs. Coach Kesling proudly exclaimed, “They have grown and shown improvement throughout the entire season and stepped up to do their job. I’m very proud of how they never gave up when we fell behind.” 

Stats were taken by Tyler Corder.


#1 Maci Snyder

#2 Oakley Moriarty

#3 Aurora Moots

#4 Sofia Kesling

#5 Eva Phillips

#6 Reagan Russell

#7 Kara Hildreth

#9 Isabel Lewis

#10 Henley Tiffner

#11 Harper Smith

#13 Naomi Hibbs


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