World Health Day observed

World Health Day was observed Tuesday, April 7. Amid the global Coronavirus pandemic, it’s a moment to acknowledge the incredible work being done to protect the health and well-being of our fellow Americans.
As President Trump wrote in his Message for World Health Day 2020: “The United States will defeat this invisible enemy. On this World Health Day, Melania and I join a grateful Nation in paying tribute to all of our doctors, nurses, healthcare administrators, researchers, scientists, educators, public health officials, and all of the extraordinary men and women who are helping diagnose, heal, inform, protect, and reassure the American people.”

The best way to thank healthcare workers today is by each of us doing our part to stop this virus. Every American should follow the simple and necessary precautions outlined in President Trump’s 30-Day Coronavirus Guidelines.
Another crucial way that healthy people can assist is by donating blood—the American Red Cross is facing a dire shortage. If you satisfy the eligibility requirements, the process to donate blood is safe, and your donation is needed now more than ever. 
We’re all in this fight together. President Trump yesterday described the response as an “all-out military operation”— and he’s right. Thanks to the Army Corps of Engineers, New York City’s Javits Convention Center has been converted into one of the largest hospitals in America. At this moment, the Army Corps of Engineers are building 22 similar field hospitals and alternate care sites across 18 states.
As of Monday, FEMA and the Department of Health and Human Services have distributed 11.7 million N95 respirators, 26.5 million surgical masks, 5.3 million face shields, 4.4 million surgical gowns, and 22.6 million gloves throughout America.
“We have been awe-inspired by the exceptional courage of the doctors, nurses, EMTs, and healthcare workers who are the soldiers of this war,” President Trump says. “No words can ever express the complete measure of our gratitude for these intrepid heroes.”